Buying a Mac?

Of course you should.

– Mac PowerBook – The first ones were a little buggy. Daily Tech suggests you buy one with the serial numbers starting with W8611: revision D

– Intel iBook – MacRumors says probably shipping in June.

– Wireless mouse and keyboard? I bought these with my Mac Mini last year and i HATE them. The batteries run out all the time and there is no extra USB ports on the keyboard. Save your money!

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  • Interesting. I bought a wireless keyboard for my (aging) G4 desktop over two years ago and have only changed the batteries three times. I switch the keyboard off when I sleep, maybe that’s the difference.

  • yeah – and my rechargeble batteries are getting old and no longer hold the charge
    they ran out right before an event i was speaking out and someone had to go out and buy batteries so teh speaker (me) could use his computer. how embarrassing!

  • I got one of the first MacBooks. The first one I received had a display issue and was quickly replaced. This one is great. I have to say my first foray into the world of Apple has been a good trip.

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