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Images-2-1I am off tomorrow to England to discuss the details of another hat | will be wearing. An English hat. An English Anglican hat. I just sent off my acceptance to CMS for a part time position as Mission Cell Developer. This is a role i will share with someone else (to be named later) in helping to initiate a new network of simple, organic, ecclesial cells. The network will involve, hopefully, all areas of UK and many denominations and mission organisations.

I am really looking forward to doing something more local in UK. As you know, most of my work happens in countries I do not live in. A third of my time (more when my family travels with me) is spent traveling to these countries. This opportunity will give me something to sink my teeth into more local and on my own turf. Appreciate prayers. And thanks for your prayers last Tuesday at the blog party in cyberspace. Here is a screenshot of you praying for me after i announced it.


Yes . . that’s me in in the bathtub, with my hat on.

CMS is a 200+ year old missions society who have, since their inception, been involved in experimental, pioneering mission work across borders. They value innovation and have recently become a major support system behind the emerging church scene in UK. In fact, when I type “emerging church” into Google, the CMS site comes in at Numero Uno. This next phase is still a risk for them and it is something new for me. I am looking forward to the challenge.

Unfortunately, there are other people who work for CMS that are complete troublemakers and will be difficult to work alongside. I’m talking about Jonny Baker, Mark Berry, Richard Sudworth, Gareth Powell, and other bother-boys of the emerging church. I will be spending a lot of time in London at the head office and that might give me some time to convert these guys.

Images-1-1What about Texas? The Boaz Project will continue, although I am unsure if Baptist support from BGCT will continue next year due to their restructuring. Boaz is the project that we started under the BGCT in 2000AD to provide a support structure for the global emerging church. It is an almost invisible institution – no web site, no stationary, no strong identity which is how it is able to function gloally in a post-colonial missions setting as servant rather than master, foundation laying rather than flag flying. As funding transitions from Texas, I will be looking for more partners to help support the work of Boaz in more countries.

And I will continue as a part time Associate of DAWN Ministries and member of the DAWN Europe team.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • I’m looking forward to see what develops : ) This is good news, I think…
    …and can you imagine how effective Jonny Baker could be for the Kingdom of God in the UK if only someone were able to convert him? I’m confident that, if it can be done, you’re the man for the job! ; )

  • hey andrew – looking forward to ‘bothering’ CMS with you…
    Let me know when you are in the office and we can grab a coffee at the scooter with the baker boy.

  • Mark Berry says:

    So according to one blogger you, Jonny and I are Godfathers of the Emerging Church Mafia… now I am a trouble maker and bother-boy… oh well at least I am in good company in both cases! It has also come to my notice that Coffee has been replaced as the beverage of choice of the EC… it is now, officially – Beer… Real Ale for the Ancient-Future types and Belgian for the Urban monastics!
    So I look forward to sharing more Beer with you!

  • Matybigfro says:

    quality news
    sounds well exciting
    trusting you’ll be letting us know all the exciting developments
    will be good to see you round the UK more too, we’ll have to get you visiting north east plenty

  • Chris says:

    Thanks for the news. I have been waiting since the party. Sorry I couldn’t make it.

  • Ross Garner says:

    Hi Andrew
    It’s good to hear the announcement. I am gathering a little band of potential Luke 10:2 planters here in Bredbury. What would you recommend as basic training?
    If I can be of assistance in providing support/accompaniment for any pioneering folk in the Manchester/Cheshire area I would love to be involved.

  • LauraHD says:

    > other bother-boys of the emerging church…
    Just wondering if there are any bother-girrrls?

  • Matt says:

    I missed your blog party in cyberspace… but I’m praying for you too in this…

  • Hi
    Good to see you at Mission 21
    great to hear you are coming on board CMS.

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