“Do we ask enough of them?”

“Hamo asks some hard questions about youth ministry.

“Meme Tracking”

“Tim Bednar suggests a way forward for Blogs4God

“My actions and essence don’t stem from being a girl: they come from being me.”

AJ Schwanz starts an important conversation about being a girl.

“Go – Stay – Be”

A new house church called The Sending discusses a Jesus strategy..

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“Portfolio Church”

Len Hjalmarson finishes his series on Leading from the Margins.

” . . . my prayer is that I could continue to speak with pithy edginess and candor that is also marked by grace and appropriate words.”

Mark Driscoll apologizes for hasty words.


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  • I just read Driscoll’s apology, I think it was a noble thing to do. Good for him. I hope it makes the internet rounds as quickly as his previous statement. But it does look like he’s trying pretty hard to distance himself from that group of guys..

  • I forgive Mark, but there was no place to comment so i am doing it here. I echo Jason’s sentiment that Driscoll is trying pretty hard to distance himself from Emergent. Let’s pray for him and hope the doors of communication and conversation in the right tone will happen in the future.
    Thanx, Andrew, for posting these things. I REALLY enjoyed the article “Go-Stay-BE”. EXELLENT and very TIMELY with what i am experiencing in my community.

  • Thanks for the link! And great other “overheard” stuff going on: good reads.
    My hubby just informed me that our host is upgrading their server, so our sites are down. Nice timing, eh?

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