The Order to Release


I spent some time at the Tate Britain Gallery in London yesterday. There was one painting that really struck a chord with me. "The Order to Release" (1746) by John Millais. The scene is a Jacobite soldier being released by his wife who is resolutely staring away, making sure she gets her husband back. They have been waiting a long time. The child’s flower is partially crumbled on the ground and the child is now sleeping. The dog’s tongue is almost sandwiched between the hands of the couple.

Click on the image to enlarge it. There is more to see.


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  • brett says:

    glad you got to the tate… it is a regular haunt of mine… i can spend hours just enjoying the vastness of the Turner section… and always exit the place feeling privileged to live in a society where i can visit such treasure without charge and in such wonderful surroundings…

  • marko says:

    oh, tate BRITIAN gallery. i was waiting for you in the bookstore of the Tate Modern. bummer.

  • That is a beautiful painting – reminds me of the Flemish masters. Have you seen The Girl with the Pearl Earring?

  • On second look, I think my wife has the same shoes as both of the men in the painting. Did they pay more, or did they Payless?

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