Losing My Religion in London. One.

Last Saturday I spent a day in London doing NOTHING religious. I have been invovled in religious conferences for a number of weeks and there are more conferences coming up. I decided to steer away from anything religious and take a break.


I took a day off in London to lose my religion. London is simply the coolest and best city in the world. Its very accessible and stuffed full of historical treasures and artsy diversions.


I tried to start at the British Library but they didnt open until 10am. I normally like to browse the Bible collection and touch base with the Lindisfarne Gospels.


Thats OK – I wasnt looking for any spiritual inspiration anyway. There was a display of Mozart’s sheet music that would have been nice to view.


Maybe next time.

Since it was before 9:30am and therefore 2 pounds more to buy an all day train pass, I decided to walk to the British Museum. Walking is good and it makes London seem smaller. It also gives me a chance to pray for the city as I see it.


I was a few weeks early for the Michelangelo exhibition but there was still lots to see.

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  • If one can spend time doing nothing religious, not seeking any spiritual inspiration, does that mean that a secular/sacred dichotomy truly exists? And yet, how can I say I am doing nothing religious if I am actually looking for “a chance to pray for the city as I see it?”

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