Google’s Emergent Church Leader

Preachin googled for an image of an emergent church leader and came up with this picture. He thought it fitted the sterotypical image of an emergent church leader pretty well.


Know the guy? I do – its none other than my Irish mate Si Johnston from Belfast, pictured in Pasadena with a group of us. He is Google’s choice, for that day, of an emergent church leader.

Following Preachin’s lead, I googled for “modern church leader” and got this:


I tried “Modern Pastor” and . . .


she was my number one.

This guy, known by Google as the “CAMP pastor director” was on the front page for “modern pastor“.



Anyway, I searched for the “emergent church leader” image myself this morning and saw that Si had moved down the scale to 7th place (sorry mate!).

So who is currently Google’s emergent church leader? This guy gets placed number 1 and 2 on Google’s aggregation.


Is this the new face of emergent? What’s with the towel on the head? Looks kinda Hindu to me.

Its actually another good friend of mine, the Dutchman Marc Van der Woude sitting in a Finnish spa. Marc was with me all last week in Joburg, South Africa. He is connected to DAWN Ministries, the author of Joel News and gives leadership to an exciting emerging church leaders network called Connect Europe. He is also very tall and complains a lot.

I wonder when the Americans are going to make it into the emergent church picture?????????

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Mathias says:

    Whoohoo, good to see MArc in a Finnish spa! He supposedly also had sauna with the finnish emerging crew. And finnish sauna, MAN, that’s a must!
    I’m proud to be a finn today, hurray!

  • andrew jones says:

    you should be proud to be Finnish. The image of the Finnish emerging leaders is number one on Google.
    and please do NOT tell us if you guys were or were not wearing anything in that sauna. I have heard stories . ..

  • Fredrik says:

    Haha, guys you’re just so much fun! =)
    What Marc is wearing is probably the only thing the Finns are allowed to wear in the sauna!

  • andrew says:

    also Freddy, i just looked at your picture on your blog
    tell me, is that the Zoolander “blue steel” look or the Zoolander “La Tigra”??????

  • Toby says:

    Do You know who that “Modern Church Leader” is?
    It the fisrt President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons)Gordon B. Hinckley. Never thought I’d see him on your blog.

  • djchuang says:

    And perish the thought of where you’d wind up when you click the uber-Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” button!

  • Ed C says:

    I tried a search for “emerging church leader” on google and it came up with the cover of Carson’s, Becoming Combative, I mean Conversant, with the Emerging Church. Brian’s book came in second.
    I guess the Finns take the gold and silver medals in the “emergent” church event. Ireland was in the lead for a while, but has to settle for the bronze. Nevertheless, the Americans finnish (pun implied) with the gold and silver in the “emerging” event.

  • andrew says:

    hi toby – yes – i saw who that guy was.
    Ed – interesting. Its usually the Americans who prefer the emergent term. you never know!!!

  • Isaac says:

    Woohooo !!! it’s cool to see Marc on there. 😀

  • Mathias says:

    Freddy, yeah, us Finns are very organic, close to nature type of people 😀
    True to my Finnish identity, I shall spend tomorrow all naked!
    Ehrm, kidding.

  • Paul Roberts says:

    Google gets everywhere, huh? What’s more depressing for me is what happens when you google “vicar”… My cool, credibility and cover comprehensively blown. 🙁

  • Paul says:

    not so great some times….a search for simple church leader brought up a guy with a machine gun. It was the fourth picture. Even a search can be random 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    Ever wonder what you get when you search for “emergent kiwi”? I did, and here‘s what I found.
    AC @ bloggedy blog

  • si says:

    very amusing Andrew. I guess EC leaders love to blow stereotypes and are phenotypically versatile. I’m now sporting short hair, wear suits, and work in the corporate world. 1 Cor 9:12-18 is largely inspirational. Looking forward to having you over here soon enough fella.

  • dave says:

    well andrew I googled “modern church blog” and “emerging church blog”
    .. abd you were number one – on modern church blog.

  • Nice to see Marc on there…I thought he complained a lot, but i decided to keep that thought to myself…

  • Freddy says:

    Andrew, well the Zoolander looks are a challenge but what I was trying to imitate this time was this look by Bjork.
    Mathias, I suppose many of us Finns spend all day in sauna naked these days because of the tragic loss against Sweden in the Olympic ice-hockey final!

  • Paul T. says:

    The camp pastor director pictured was our MFuge (Lifeway missions camp) pastor in St. Louis last Summer. My youth group loved him. I think his first name was Toph, or something like that.

  • As long as I pop up in Google before Brian McLaren, you won’t hear me complaining. Andrew is always teasing me on this one, but hey where would Australia and New Zealand be without the Dutch. If we hadn’t complained about that lousy Dutch weather, we wouldn’t have had the drive to discover you guys. 🙂

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