A Flood for London?

Some prayer leaders have alerted me in an email that London might be in for a serious flood. And really soon. They think the whale entering London’s harbour last month was a sign, as was the fire in London that I was privy to see from the airport. I noticed that LondonPrayer.net have posted the same information. They would have the skinny if the waters start rising over London. I know many of them and THEY ARE NOT LOONEYS thus i have giving space for them here.

“We see the need to warn and to prepare for major flooding from the Thames – covering significant areas of the London flood plain – inclusive of the financial centre of the city. It is foreseen that this will be of sufficient magnitude to cause damage and destruction to property – necessitating the relocation of people from the area.” Link

Survivedtheflood Reminds me of when Prague flooded. In 2002, we were doing a prayer walk around the city and one of the girls in our group, Martina, saw a strong image of floodwaters rising up. That was 6 weeks before the flood came to Prague, exactly as she saw it. She also had a dream about the flood only 3 days before the flood hit. I blogged it here.

My Indian friends are quite convinced that the Tsunami that hit Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka was directly connected with the spiritual state of those areas. They believe the same thing about New Orleans. So, I will be keeping an eye our for London.

These are the posts that contain London, Flood, Prayer per day for the last 30 days. Lets see if the prophecy meter keeps rising.

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Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Pete Lev says:

    If it gets people praying for London, then that’s got to be a good thing!

  • Mike Morrell says:

    I will be praying for London. Yeah, the prophetic/intercessory stuff is real, though it comes with a lot of right-wing political baggage for Americans, which is a real source of conflict for me. Would that “Rick Joyner prophetic” could meet and marry “Walter Bruggeman prophetic” in the States!

  • andrew says:

    thanks – i thought you might want to call me looney for mentioning this
    maybe the next commenters will give me a hard time . ..

  • billy says:

    Interesting Andrew. Not in the habit of bandwagon jumping when it comes to this type of thing, but not about to discount it’s validity out of hand either. Reminds me of the prophetic information that hit the early church regarding a famine in Jerusalem. They prayed and prepared to help if they could.
    I long for the time when our “prophetic voices” aren’t automatically asscociated with the likes of Pat Robertson who seemed confident enough to claim responsibility on behalf of God for what happened to Sharon. I have been in pentacostal/charismatic circles long enough to see abuses as well as amazing God moments. Call me a “post-charismatic” I suppose, but I long for the time when we listen to prophetic people and pray accordingly without apocalyptic hypersensasionalism or pimped out TBNish showmanship.

  • justin says:

    there was a similar word released earlier this month about Texas being hit by an earthquake. kelly and i were curious if you had heard about it. evidently the lady who issued this particular word also predicted the fall of the Twin Towers. kelly blogged about it over at http://zhook.squarespace.com.
    so far, we are all safe.

  • T says:

    We on the west side of the pond have experienced Katrina, Rita, fires, etc. And, it is a fact that there is some kind of shifting taking place in many areas.
    I completed a study of the prophecy of Joel. I was amazed – no big sins listed. But, there was a locust plague, huge natural disaster. What does Joel do? He calls for repentence.
    Maybe our perspective should be the same. In our area, we seem to have an abundance of folk creating God in their own image and saying that God would never do something like this. They treat it as evil. In our malignant narcissism, “evil” seems to be defined as anything that interferes with our lifestyle.
    Could it be that it is a “severe mercy” that interferes with our lifestyle in order to bring us to the Father’s heart?
    Just thinking out loud.

  • joeturner says:

    I do not believe that natural disasters are judgement from God, period.
    Whatever may have happened in the past, there is absolutely no reason in my mind to consider those who experience waaaaay more severe and more frequent natural disasters to be more sinful than the rest of us.
    In fact, to be frank, to suggest that my Indian friends are automatically more sinful than we are and hence deserve punishment from God is highly offensive.
    Jesus is the image I look to. He is the one who refused to accept that blindness was a judgement for sin.
    Regarding the flooding, as the 40 days have come and gone, I think we can put this into the pile marked ‘false prophecy’. Stones anyone?

  • Roy says:

    I thought the church was past persecuting prophetic people for at least having the boldness to step out and warn people of impending trouble. There were prophets who warned of 9-11 and were laughed at, until it actually happened!

  • joeturner says:

    I was joking Roy.
    It is somewhat telling that people want to take on the mantle of OT-type prophet without the responsibilities.
    Stoning false prophets is entirely biblical.
    They will be known by their fruits. If there are massive floods by the end of today in London, I will publicly eat humble pie.

  • T says:

    Joe, if you disagree with my previous post, you disagree and that’s cool. No judgment here. And I certainly agree that “prophets” should assume responsibility.
    There was no intent to suggest that anyone was more sinful than others. Let the one without sin cast the first stone. And that admonition from Jesus does not qualify me as ‘stone-thrower’.
    But as I read your post and back to mine, I wanted to clarify my main intent. In Joel’s 3 chapters, there was no sin mentioned, other than a somewhat humourous poke at drunkeness. But the call to repentance is a prophetic call to prayer and seeking God. As Joel did that, God gave him insight and future direction. Sometimes we have no answers. Even more reason why the sincere follower of Jesus should humble themselves and seek him.

  • fdgh says:

    lots of innocent people died and lost their homes and they are people too and how dare those people say that, maybe there was people like that and if this was true everyone who died of a natural disasters was a sinner.(by the way doyour friends know that india was struck too)

  • A London flood?

    Tall Skinny Kiwi has blogged an official prophecy from London Prayer Net, who are claiming that major flooding is imminent in London. Interesting stuff. Read TSK’s analysis here. You can read the official prophecy here. Don’t know about you

  • mark says:

    this is a bit of an easy ‘prophecy’/’prediction’ to make – there have been scientific warnings about a flood in London for years.
    The Thames barrier is no longer sufficient to provide complete protection due to rising sea levels.
    Google ‘London flood’ or go to http://www.floodlondon.com and you’ll see what i mean.

  • KiwiNomad06 says:

    I take it by your name you maybe originated in New Zealand? As a Kiwi I take objection to any linking of floods with ungodliness. Like earthquakes they are purely natural events. Two years ago here in the Manawatu we had huge destructive floods that some people are still recovering from. The scars are still visible on the landscape. Sin had nothing to do with it: the unpredictable nature of our island climate had everything to do with it.

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