The Bible and Common Sense

“Thus, with Common Sense Realism being unofficially sanctioned as the only scientific and valid philosophy, it was not long before biblical studies were soon approached as was any other science. Within the American academy, the Bible came to be viewed as a storehouse of objective facts needing nothing more than to be mined and systematized into an objective, timeless, universal truth.”

Adam Van Wart, The Relationship of Common Sense Realism to Dispensationalism’s Hermeneutics and A Priori Faith Commitments

180Px-ThomasreidOne of the questions floating around in my mind is this:

Are reflective practitioners from the emerging-missional church doing a BETTER job in contextualization in today’s intellectual climate than the Dispensationalists did in their interaction with Thomas Reid’s Scottish School of Common Sense and Common Sense Realism, which attempted to “stress the importance of induction, in keeping with its desire to be “scientific,” to bring order to “mental philosophy” in the way that Bacon and Newton had brought order to “natural philosophy.”” Tim McConnel, The Old Princeton Apologetics: Common Sense or Reformed?

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