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Back home from my travels now, and I am catching up on the latest Emerging Church banter:

Contra Corriente have announced this years event to be held in Huesca, Spain, April 29-May 1

– Brad Hightower on the Emerging Pastor – for those emerging churches that still have a pastor type person.

– Open Source Theology pursue an emergent pneumatology, something that i just mentioned in last weeks talk on Missio Dei.

– I bought a used book in a Scottish Bookstore in Thurso called The Emerging Church in Ephesians (1980, A. John Carr) BTW – Great to see the Reformed folk in Scotland involved in ministry to the emerging culture. I stayed with Dave Lynch in Dingwall a few nights ago. He was inspired to start emerging churches by Dr. D.A. Carson who challenged Scottish Christians to take the gospel into “postmodern” areas of their country. Dave is now thinking about an Emergent type gathering in the north. He also promised to send me Carson’s tape that was so instrumental in his ministry.

– In the most recent Evangelical Forum of the Virginia Baptist Association, Travis Hilton has a review of Becoming Conversant With The Emerging Church: A review and Reflection (PDF). It seems a little hard edged at points but it gives some more insight into the squabble, including this helpful sentence:

“It would have been helpful if Carson had defined the word “missional,” a word that is sometimes used by emergents and non-emergents alike.”

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  • The emergent pneumatology article is well-done and sorely needed. Emerging church discussions oftern revolve around church and changing it, but the church flows directly from the Holy Spirit. Ecclesiology cannot precede pneumatology.
    Your Emerging Church in Ephesians book seems to be a real find. The best price I could dig up in the US was around $7.60. God bless used book stores. If only we had more of them.

  • ed
    the book is more about the emerging church in the charasmatic movement of the 70’s – which by the sound of it, you wont mind at all
    but dont be expecting it to be as good as The Emerging Church (1970)