Nominations for Bloggies


I voted today on the blogs that deserve a Bloggie award. Here is my list:

Best App for blog – Ecto

Best Australian/NZ blog – Problogger and Emergent Kiwi

Best UK blog – Jonny Baker and Rob Pepper’s Daily Drawing Diary

Best Canadian blog – Jordon Cooper

Best Asian blog – Messy Christian

Best European blog – Mark Reichmann

Best Tech blog – Dion Hinchcliffe’s Web 2.0 Blog

Best Community blog – BoingBoing

Best DesignProblogger (design by Rachel at Cre8d-Design)

Lifetime Achievement – I voted for myself [ i know . . . how VAIN!!!], and i also voted for Jordon Cooper and Moby who has kept a simple, consistent online journal for many years.

If you are comparing my blog with other pre-July 2001 bloggers who qualify for this prize, you might want to look at my stats:

Here are the numbers from my blog which has been hosted by Blogger (2001-2003) and then Typepad (2003-present)

Typepad – 1,347 posts with 6, 234 comments (and i have read every one).

Blogger – 1,077 posts.

You can view how my Tallskinnykiwi blog has looked in the past with snapshots from the Wayback Machine. There is no record of my first blog – Andrew’s Tea Salon (1997) on the Wayback Machine – i have requested it but it is lost deep inside the guts of Geocities.

BTW – while you are checking out blogs of the past – take a look at how advanced Jordon Cooper’s blog was back in 2001. If you don’t vote for me in the Lifetime achievement award, then vote for Coop!


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Darren says:

    thanks mate – I’m very flattered. You’re the guy who inspired me to blog so I always take note of what you say and appreciate your kind words.

  • andrew jones says:

    and you are the only one i have inspired to blog that has figured out how to make some dollars with it
    congrats on problogger for your massive success. and congrats to rachael also for a killer design.

  • Dave Walker says:

    I added you and Jordon to the lifetime achievement section and Darren to the Australian/NZ bit.
    Personally I went for the ‘he who wants to be greatest should be least’ approach and told my readers why they shouldn’t vote for me. I think they saw through it though.

  • Hey Andrew,
    Good luck with the nominations. I’m pulling for you on the lifetime category. I just recently started reading your site and I appreciate the advice you gave me on mine. I found yours through Joe Kennedy. Thanks for the great content.

  • I don’t think I deserved a lifetime achievement award nomination but thanks. That was nice to read. Instead of me, I suggest Rudy Carrasco who along with you, me, and Karen Ward, were some of first Christian bloggers.

  • Wow, thanks for picking me. 😯 I didn’t expect this at all. The Bloggies sound like a fun event – I’m going to pick my selection too. 🙂

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