‘Podcast’ – Word of The Year

“Podcast” has been awarded the word of the year by the New Oxford English Dictionary. I personally think the revolution in podcasting is overhyped. Its just audio – there is no way to search through it like you can do with text. I believe the revolution in video blogging over the past 6 months, especially in available storage and free bandwidth, will be seen to be far more significant in the long run than podcasting. But thats just me.

PodcastheaderJordon Cooper has a new podcast page that is podcasting some recent hits from Frosty the Aussie. He also has a book he is co-writing called Fearless Honesty: Throwing Stones in a Glass Church . . . but it sure looks like a blog to me. His big blog – JordonCooper.com has been nominated for Canadian Blog Award . Voting is this week so I just went there and clicked one thru for the Coop.

The Brits sure love podcasting – maybe more than blogging. I have been expecting a resurgence of English comedy to hit the iPods – the Brits have ruled that territory since The Goon Show and the great Spike Milligan. I heard some of Ricky Gervais’s first podcast this morning. Episode 1 (mp3) Its a load of drivel and nothing like The Goons. But hey, its a good start.

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  • Nate Custer says:

    So what you are saying is that we need better metadata for audio. So that you can search the metadata to find what you want. I do not think we can search video with any more ease then audio.
    Podcasts are a great embracing of the radio format. Most of the things that make radio useful make podcasts useful.
    The friction in making good podcasts is far less then that for good video casts. I can train someone how to use a basic digital recorder to report news all over the world far faster then teaching them to film it. Its also far cheaper. So projects that train and equip palestian refuges how to make indie media reports can happen with a lot less inertia.
    I have a little script I wrote to download the podcasts, burn them to a cdrw as audio tracks so I can play them as I drive to work/school. So they are useful for me.
    A video iPod is still a far off dream for this student.

  • RobH says:

    This search engine actually claims to index the content of podcasts:
    Cleverly, you are able to play the audio snippet in question, without leaving the search results page.

  • Podscope also lets you do keyword searches on podcasts, and tells you exactly where the word occurs, but it’s not very good yet – there are no hits on “emerging”, for example, and I know podcasts are using that word. Thanks for the podzinger link, ROBH – it looks a lot stronger at the moment.
    I think podcasting will remain ahead of videocasting because you can listen to a podcast while you’re doing other stuff, like driving, answering email, etc. that you can’t do while watching a video. And as has already been said, it’s easy to make a podcast (though I haven’t made one in a while…my podcast is not dead, but it needs CPR :).
    I think videocasts are a lot less likely to be boring, though, because fewer people will just sit in front of the computer and talk when they’re doing video. Most podcasts are just one or two people and a mic, which can be boring (and mine is no exception). I think we’ll see a lot more viral action with video than with audio, since it’s still fun to watch a video clip. Hopefully the bandwidth issues will continue to get easier to deal with.

  • andrew says:

    any iPod is a dream for this missionary, but my wife finally has one now.

  • Adam says:

    As for “podcast,” I agree, just lots of hype. Usually nothing more than an MP3.

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