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The most enjoyable book i read all year was “Linked” by Albert- Lazlo Barabasi.

This week I re-read Transforming Mission by David Bosch. New stuff everytime I look at it. What an incredible book! I also read “Shaping of Things to Come” by Alan Hirsh and Mike Frost for the third time. These two books work well together and form a good basis for the missiology of the emerging-missional church.


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  • i am reading Transforming Mission for the first time. it is taking me a bit longer than a week, but i know that it is one i am going to come back to.
    having not gotten more than my GED. this book makes me wish i knew how to study and take notes better.

  • Linked is a great book. It was one of the first audiobooks I did in the car. Thanks for reminding me about it – I should pick up a paper copy and make some notes. I have a terrible time following nonfiction audiobooks.

  • I also loved Linked. I have played a bit with the idea of changing the mission statemet from, “a church within reach of everyone in Europe” to “a christian within two handshakes of every person in Europe.” What do you think?

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