I have been wondering why so many Green Day fans come here and leave a comment on a post called “Virtual Chatroom for Dummies” that has nothing to do with Green Day. Except for the fact that someone mentioned them in the comments section and started off a small Green Day fan club on my post. Many of the posts have been deleted because of language but many are still there . . . like this one:

“Billie Joe i LOVE U!!!

n Green Day roXxX!!!!! =)

u guyz rok! ur heeps awesome!!! ROK ON!”

This morning i tracked it back to Google search engine. When you type in “Green Day, Chat Room” my post is number 4. I guess visitors read the Green Day comments and leave their own. Anyway . . Happy New Year to all the Green Day fans that end up on one of my posts. And yes . . as you day . . . “Dude!GREEN DAY ROX MY SOX!


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Mark Berry says:

    This is hillarious… the wonders of the Web!

  • Andrew says:

    I get slammed on certain punk-rock blogs because I like Green Day and defend their music every chance I get. The stiffnecked orthodoxy of some punks amazes me at times. Don’t they realize how diverse the entire movement was when it began in the mid-70s? Of course not — most of them weren’t around back then. 🙂
    Yes, in 2003 everybody thought they were has-beens, but with the release of American Idiot in 2004 they staged one of the most remarkable comebacks in recent rock’n’roll history. Plus, Idiot is a wonderful concept album and easily one of my top 10 picks of this millennium.
    I know you’re a Green Day fan, too, Andrew. Rock on and be blessed in 2006, and prayers for your family’s health.

  • Rick Creech says:

    It is an odd thing about Green Day, everytime I hear them it is as if they just change the words to their songs. It all sounds the same, you definitely get more out of them than I do. If I had my choice between a commercial and Green Day, I am afraid the commercial would win everytime.

  • M. Kalic says:

    Their old stuff sounded more repetetive than the new stuff. It’s good to get a change.

  • alie says:

    this is not good were is the pics gosh i asked 4 greenday

  • Tammy(i :love: green day) says:

    hi i :love: very much
    i :love: Billie joe
    I :love: Mike Drint
    I:love: Tre Cool
    Very Much

  • greenday americanidoit says:

    i got every cd superhits american idoit dookie blue grass well lets vote wich song they like best! like americanidoit basket case st.jimmy holiday brain/stew what do u say ^____^ 🙂

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