Emerging Church Update

– Andy Dragt of The Branch has created a beta Squidoo on Emerging Church

– Tony Jones of Emergent Village spoke at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary yesterday, and enjoyed a generous ecumenical handshaking of President Al Mohler’s hand. Read Tony’s account.

– YS Marko has just completed his “Rant by a Runt” on the American Church. Links to whole series are here.

– Planet Emergent blog changes its name to Emerging Church Blogs

– Scot McKnight posts Seven Habits of Successful Emerging Discussions

EmergentKiwi Steve Taylor invites emerging churches (of the non-USA variety – which BTW are the majority) to send an image of their community. He will be posting them in Jan 06.

“This Christmas I am collecting a series of postcards from the edge. To qualify I am inviting you to email me;

a) 1 photo of your emerging community this year; plus a paragraph answer to these 4 questions;

b) how were you as an emerging community birthed?;

c) what do you as an emerging community value?;

d) what music track sums up your year;

e) what was your best mission moment in 05?

Oh, I nearly forgot. I will only be posting postcards from emerging churches outside the US. I’m tired of the UScentrism of the emerging church blog world. Postcards05 is not for Americans. It’s a blog-stake in the ground; a visual reminder that God is active outside the bounds of America.”
More at EmergentKiwi

Anything else deserve a mention?


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