Calling All Nations


Its a really huge event at the Berlin Olympic Stadium and its called Calling All Nations. Organizer Noel Richards told me about his ideas for it back in 1998. After a successful event in Wembley Stadium, he was hoping to host another in Berlin. He was talking about 2001, or 2003. Well, fast forward 6 years, all the way to 2006 . . . and its finally time to call out 80,000 people to come to Berlin, fill the stadium and sing a few songs, and get some fuel for impacting Europe.

Berlinchurch_11 Not really the type of music stored up in my computer, to be honest. I asked Noel if there would be any DJ’s and I dont think he had thought of that. But there will be some good worship leaders and a massive video screen – possibly the biggest in Europe. Be nice to see some VJ’s there . . . and its more about being present and seeing what God wants to do in Europe. Thats why I will be there. Anyway, some of us may build other gatherings around this event to make good use of our plane tickets. If you are thinking of being in Berlin for the Calling All Nations event on July 15, 2006, then let me know.

In case you didnt know from my last visit there . . . Berlin rocks.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Mark Berry says:

    Interesting… Didn’t go to Wembley myself, not my kind of thing even back then!… But… the buzz at the time told a different story… the word “succsesful” was not one I heard either from friends who went nor on the Christian grapevine/media at the time!?

  • andrew says:

    thanks mark
    maybe ‘successful’ is the wrong word to describe a worship event.
    i just read a few accounts on the web but no complaints.
    i didnt attend that either, but saw the video of the event and liked when Martin Smith of Delirious kicked the ball to the thousands of people.
    again – not our cup of tea exactly but i am always looking to support efforts to unite the body of Christ and break down barriers.

  • Mark Berry says:

    Amen 🙂 I think a lot of folk were put off by the triumphalism and attendances werent as expected (or hyped) anyway… hope Berlin rocks again!
    BTW see you in Sheffield then, I’m doing the Re:source course this year.

  • You have to create some real good stuff to get me there. Sure, Berlin rocks but christian mega events so do not! Been there for the March for Jesus 1994. Can’t stand this emotional one day christian ghetto gatherings anymore. Been to too many. All they left was some huge debts and the feeling to have had a good time.
    Sorry for the sarcasm.

  • andrew says:

    no . .appreciate the honest response.
    i also have a problem with big splashy events that cost too much and accomplish little towards the Kingdom but much towards someone’s ego or their ministry report.
    which is why i stay away from most of them.
    maybe i am hoping this one will be a little different due to my involvement.
    (am i too optimistic?)

  • Anonymous says:

    Just stumbled here. read the posted comments and want to add my two cents: I’ve never been to this event, but I’m thinking about going. Yeah, it would be pretty expensive for me to travel from the US, but worth it if Calling All Nations was more than a sterile event. What I mean is, it would be worth it to me if we Christians got our heads out of our shirts and came together to worship Almighty God instead of being concerned about how the event affected us personally. It’s not about us. God is SO WORTHY of our worship. And bottom line, we exist to worship Him forever, and ever, and ever.
    I’m sick of my generation caring more about how we FEEL than about worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ.

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