Saturday: Pizza Party Portland

Due to our late arrival, Bob Hyatt of Evergreen has moved the party in Portland from tonight to Saturday at 6pm and the location has also changed to 9065 SW 38th Ave, Portland (Directions)


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Bob Hyatt says:

    Looking forward to it! Should be a good group of people coming…
    Looks like the map link got a little messed up:
    try here:,OR%2097219
    also, the full address (in case you want to try mapping it yourself is: 9065 SW 38th Ave. Portland,OR 97219
    I-5 to Capitol Hwy
    Capitol to Marigold (it’s tricky… Marigold will be on your right and you will probably miss it… looks kind of like an alley/driveway…)
    right on Marigold
    right on SW 38th…
    Leave early cause it’s easy to get lost in P-town!

  • Joshua Rudd says:

    Be sure and say hi to Mike and Katie Alpert for us (that is, if they’re there).

  • Dan says:

    oh…. you skipped santa cruz. i even got a haircut and was all set to meet with you…. now what do i do?

  • Jason says:

    Nice to have you on the side of the globe for a spell… You gonna do any VJ stuff?? I might try to make it over there.

  • Peter Walker says:

    Andrew, it was a blast! Thanks for the pizza making lessons (Bob, thanks for making your place available).
    I’m still thinking about what an Actively Ecumenical Church Plant could look like… I don’t think “Ecumenical” is a bad word.
    A church CREATED to serve other churches? Hmmm…
    Brian McLaren mentioned being missionaries to Christians. A lot of us need it.
    Just some thoughts, as I know you’re into alternative forms of church.
    Thanks again for the hospitality. Reminds me of the Jesus Movement that I’m too young to remember!

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