Where is the Katrina Video?

Thanks for all your emails regarding the video Please Don’t Make Us Sing that many of us downloaded and played on Sunday in our churches. As you know, it was taken down but is going online again. Travis, the creator of the video, just emailed me:

“Hey Andrew, glad you could use the piece. The video will be back up temporarily on old site in a few minutes, and then up on www.theworkofthepeople.com in a day or so with other Katrina pieces. Blessings, no doubt.


Thanks Travis – you rock. Its an incredible video and it was played in many countries last Sunday. The old site iswww.highwayvideo.com/pub/DontMakeUsSingThis.zip

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  • ps – THANKS FOR POSTING THE LINK. I will be using it in my church on sunday. We are a new church plant in Vancouver BC, and just had the pleasure of meeting Si Johnston (he is a friend of a friend) at a church planters collective I hosted, while he was on tour here. I’m an aussie (but don’t hold that against me). Here is our temp website: http://www.pgcc.org/utc.htm

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