9/11 And Now New Orleans

Churches today in USA will probably pause to remember what happened 4 years ago in New York. I wrote down some thoughts on Sep 11, 2002, and mentioned our friend Derek Chapman who went to New York the day before – God told him to go – and so he flew out of London on September 10, 2001 and arrived in New York that morning. He went into the city to see why God had called him there and then everything happened. More details here.

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Derek and Amy Chapman (they met at the Epicenter event in Austin and were married in our back yard in Prague) blog at The Bearable Light and are a part of our dispersed aggregation we call Church. Incredible people and we are thankful for having them in our lives. They pray regularly for us and often have pointed pieces of timely advice for us to act on.

And you are probably thinking – if God told Derek so much stuff about New York, then what does he see for New Orleans? Ah hah . . for that you have to go to Derek’s Vision for New Orleans. I don’t like taking selections from the prophet’s blogs – much better to go and read the whole posts in their entirety.

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  • Alan Cross says:

    This is consistent with what we are praying for. We hope to help establish distribution points for prayer and supplies along the Gulf Coast until we are able to reach New Orleans. Many are joining together in this effort. Please pray for the churches there as many of them could disappear completely as their people have been scattered. We are coming from the east and hope to join the Texas churches in New Orleans. May God guide this ministry of restoration and cleansing. The church is still leading the way in this as best as I can tell. Thanks for keeping this subject on your blog. I think that God is up to something beautiful out of the midst of such tragedy. As Delirious said about our Lord, “And all you ever do, is change the old for new . . .”

  • Sep 11 once more.

    Sep 11 once more.

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