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“The Widget for verse references is definitely on the way, but its functionality will be somewhat limited.” (Helen Brown) in an interesting discussion with Accordance developers about utilizing Tiger’s spotlight function.

Icon Mac-1In the meantime, Logos works towards a big December 2005 release of their OSX Bible Tools. I am waiting for MacSword to have the same kind of open source tools so that i dont have to pay any money. I’m cheap! I know!

Logos and the other companies should be talking to bloggers about showing banners like this in return for some free software:


When I was an Associate Pastor at Glenwood Community Church (Vancouver, WA), there was a Greek Geek who used to sit in the back with his palm pilot or whatever gadget it was. This was late 1980’s and not many people had one. Anyway, he configured a Greek software program that would work on his computer and his palm – so he could check the Greek on our sermons – kept us on our toes! His name was Paul Miller and he actually started anon-profit institute called Gramcord. I think his software is the base for many Bible tool programs, including Accordance for Mac. But Paul was always a big PC man and as far as I know, never converted to Mac – too bad. Paul is a heck of a nice guy. And I am guessing he will be figuring out ways to put Bible tools on our phones as soon as the technology is available.

I often think about Paul because back in the 80’s, no one really had the ability to do that kind of research in the back of a church while the pastor preached, unless they brought a stack of large books in with them These days, with WiFi, notebooks and Bible tools on small gadgets, its possible for almost anyone to do what Paul was doing and be a Berean with the right equipment.


Graham Doel mentions Go Bible for your phone if you just want the text.


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