My Daughters Done Got Baptised

UPDATE: Wow. It went really well. Sunshine and a good day. The girls all did something different at church. Elizabeth read some poems, Hannah led everyone in singing “Step by Step” by Rich Mullins. And Abigail answered questions very briefly. All did really well. After eating some food, we all went down to the water. And they all got baptised by myself and James Stockan. And yes, the water was REALLY COLD!

Here is a quick video i made this afternoon. Take a look and enjoy. QuickTime Movie (5.4 Megs)

Elizabeth wrote another poem today after the baptism

I Got Baptised

“What a blast i’ve done it at last

i’ve gone in and out of the ocean at last

i have changed

i was reborn

i could see the change already

the foot steps that i took

walking out of the ocean

was like i was walking to God

walking to heaven.”


Elizabeth talks about getting baptised . . .

“When i was younger i wanted nothing more then to be baptised but as i got older i din’t want to becouse i didn’t like the idea of making a promise to god, now that i’ve thought of it i know that the only way to lie is to stop believing in the lord which is pretty unlikely for me, so yes i guess i will get baptised” Elizabeth on Today is a really important day for us. 3 of our daughters are getting baptised in the cold waters of Orkney. Elizabeth (12) Abigail (10) and Hannah (7) are showing the world what has happened to them inside when Jesus came in, and how they want to follow him always.

We are going to Stromness Baptist church this morning – Hannah will lead her favourite song from the front (“Step by Step” by Rich Mullins) and the other girls will answer questions and read poetry. Then a lunch and then to the water. 2 other girls will also be baptised today with them. I will video tape it and blog it later in the day right here on this actual post. Please come by tomorrow and see the video, hear the stories, and share our joy.


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