Dont Make Us Sing This Song (video)

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Today is Sunday and there are lots of churches in Houston that will be responding to the new challenge of thousands of refugees. People who would not have thought of themselves as refugees a week ago, nor expect to be in Houston rather than New Orleans.

One church doing a great job in reaching out is Ecclesia Houston, pastored by Chris Seay. Ecclesia have produced a video that they will be showing this morning. Its available free if you want to use it. Its called Dont Make Us Sing This Song. Its powerful and moving.

Download Zipped video file here.

[UPDATE: It just got moved to

OK – problems. Let me know if you cant get it and i will get permission to upload it myself]

I am getting ready to show it in an hour at Stromness Baptist Church. You might want to also. The words are from Pslam 137, sung by Lori Chaffer (Waterdeep) and the video is from VJ Travis Reed (

In a hurry to get all my AV gear together. Must go . . BYE

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