“If the church could catch a vision for using video technology to present an authentic presentation of the life of the church — not rehearsed videos, but spontaneous records of conversations, laughing with one another, weeping with one another, people sharing their lives, etc. — the average person might take notice”

From a Rutland Herald article in which Aaron Flores (thevoiz.com) makes an appearance.

VideoBlogs are a great idea and there has been a lot of new support services in the past few months that have solved the bandwidth and storage issues. I have used a few runarounds, like adding nyud.net:8090 to the end of the address. But all that has changed and nothing stands in the way of posting as many videos as you want. Heres the best way I know how to get those videos up without paying any money for storage or bandwidth.

1. Go to Ourmedia.org and register. Once you get an account, they will show you have to publish your videos and will give you a blog if you dont already have one. I have heard Vidblogs is another solution but have not worked with them yet.

2. Make your video and compress it to less than 10 Megs. It can be in QT, Windows or Real format. I usually go with 320 X 240 size and (being a Mac user) choose Quick Time. For videos more than 10 Megs you will need their OurMedia Publisher tool.

3. Get an account with archive.org This group will store your video for free and you will not have to pay for bandwidth.

What would be really cool is if people uploaded video clips from significant emerging church events over the past 5 years to give us all an historical archive.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Layla says:

    that would be really, really cool. I used to work with a team of people that are trying to come up with new ways to reach the postmodern world for Christ with technonlogy. I keep trying to get them to do something with blogs, maybe if I point them to your site they will be inspired. I always am.

  • Ed C says:

    It’s great that a Vermont newspaper is carrying this story. Since it’s a state with small towns and a spread out population, I was thinking that a good way to spread the Gospel in Vermont is to provide media resources and explore creative ways to share the Gospel. It will be interesting to see if vlogs will be a helpful resource in the Green Mountain state. If the Rutland Herald is noticing vlogs, then there’s got to be something to it. I’m glad to see some innovation in my backyard!
    What I love about vlogs is that they use technology, but stick to sharing stories or simple video productions. Vlogs do not have to be slick productions that seem canned.

  • I think that kind of use is going to be a lot more popular than the podcast-with-talking-head approach, which strikes me as silly.
    This is more like homebrew reality TV than homebrew CNN, which I think is good.

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