Butterflies and Hurricanes

Our road trip next month across USA needs a theme song. I had already been thinking about “Butterflies and Hurricanes” by the English band “Muse” because we will start in Houston – with people affected by the recent Hurricane Katrina, and because there is a butterfly-like quality to our tour – fluttering lightly across USA, making tiny invisible waves that may one day have a huge effect. If anyone out there wanted to remix this song, we would love to use it. Even better if we could remix it again while we travel and mix in some sounds from our journey.

Another interesting sideline. The producer of this song was in Orkney last year and hooked up with Michael who was here on Sunday.

Muse Lyrics

Tell you more about this song . . .

Today is the one year anniversary of Butterflies and Hurricanes, released in u-myx format on Sep 20, 2004. Remixing or remashing was encouraged and Muse provided the software for anyone to do it through U-Myx. What i am thinking about is this: How could we make U-Myx kinds of books . . and movies. Could we do our tour in a way that allows anyone to take our words, sounds and images and make their own media from it? Can we build into our media the ability to do that without being a geek?

Even More: See a screenshot. Lyrics to Butterflies and Hurricanes. The Skinny on Muse. Ring tone


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  • tk says:

    well, here’s to hurricanes… they keep comin’ to this coast!

  • miles says:

    I had a great discussion in a class last night about the same issue you bring up here. Wiki technology has given a good start to the U-myxing of text media, but I really would like to seen film and visual art un-individuated in the same way. Some people are fearful because they feel personally invested in the forms they produce, and they are not ready to let go of the control over a thing they see as part of themselves. I’m one of these people sometimes. But think of the expression communities could offer if there was a venue for “open source” art.

  • andrew says:

    is this the miles who used to comment here about 18 months ago?
    i was thinking about jesus and his ministry journey – everything he did was open source. he didnt write a book but lived openly and ministered everywhere and others had the rights to write down what he did.
    and we do the same with their stories.

  • ella says:

    “best, you’ve got to be the best”???
    surely not…

  • andrew says:

    ella, why dont you remove that line from your version of the song and send us the update?

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