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Box35-180X234Upgrade: Arkaos VJ 3.5 This new upgrade will allow you (and me) to record performance through firewire in DV format. No more messing with little Quick Time movies on the event recorder. MacMinute says “ArKaos VJ 3.5.1 HW, offering support for Core Image, the real-time video technology from Apple” which has not appeared on the official Arkaos website yet, but I hope it is true.

I heard that Arkaos was used at the recent Live 8 concert in London. It was also used by quite a number of alt. worship groups at Greenbelt Festival, including Church of the Apostles (Seattle).

I moved from G-Force to Arkaos in 2003. I have used it for rave worship, missionary presentations, teaching conferences, worship karaoke, ambient worship installations and just throwing moving images on a wall because it looked good.

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“For certain effects, the fathers even made use of the magic lantern, the Jesuit savant, Athanasius Kircher, having been one of the first to draw attention to this possibility. With the help of such projection apparatus, they made visions and dreams especially appear on the stage.” Fülöp-Miller, 1930 Link

Missionaries were among the first to use projected images on a wall. The Magic Lantern was used extensively by Jesuits, nuns, and and protestant missionaries like David Livingstone. Dr Grenfell used his magic lantern to show the needs of New Foundland and raise money for his mission.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • gareth says:

    hey andrew, I have 3.5 (which is great) but have had no luck finding this elusive 3.5.1?? have you managed to track it down??

  • John Baw says:

    Hi Andrew, Greetings from Gibraltar! I wanted to email you or something but i didn’t find an email on your blog – so i hope a comment is ok.
    Our 2-year old church is currently without a worship team and we are looking at playing worship music and projecting the lyrics etc.
    In the alternative worship/emerging church scene there seems to be alot of this going on.
    We have absolutely NO IDEA of how to get started etc. what equipment to use etc etc – Some people have suggested hooking up an iPod to a PA system – Would you know of anyone who could help us with some advice?
    Be outrageously blessed
    John Baw

  • andrew says:

    Gareth – no – but it must be coming soon
    John – Arkaos is not usually used for that. I did a post last week that asked the same question as you and there was some good reponse. Link is here – ‘worship software’

  • The jury is still out with me on using Arkaos in performance. I have 3.5, which the tech guys at Arkaos said would fix compatibility problems I was experiencing with various projectors. I like to use it live with the band by loading up a bunch of 4 second video loops and letting the automation and beat detection do their thing. The problem is that i can rarely get it working well on-stage. (You witnessed me having problems with this at Greenbelt, Andrew) The very cool thing I have now discovered about 3.5 is that it has DV output, so now I can record these random performances in my studio, then use a stable program like Grid to run my Arkaos movies without hassles. Yay!

  • gareth says:

    sorry to bother you again… was wondering how the ‘latest from blogs’ works in your right sidebar – its a nice bit of php… where did you get it from and how do you select which blogs you want??

  • andrew says:

    gareth – its a php feed from aussie malcom (d-tour) it should link to his site if you want to ask him for it

  • Bill Kinnon says:

    Arkaos is incrediblly powerful – and very cool. VidVox’s Grid 2 is also a cool little VJ programme – that’s only $75USD. The Pro Version will be $250, if and when it’s released.
    Loved the Dr. Grenfell comment. My mother’s family worked with him on the Northern Peninsula of “The Rock” – it’s Newfoundland, Andrew. Pronounced New Fun Land. ‘Tis a beautiful place to have relatives.

  • andrew says:

    thanks bill
    in 1986 when i was there in ‘NewFoundland’ (thanks), i used to jog up to signal hill each morning. once of my favourite provinces in canada.

  • Bill Kinnon says:

    And I’m sure the fog was great for your skin. (My aunts claim that’s why they all look so young.)
    The scariest moment of my life was watching my kids run ahead of us going up the side of Signal Hill – when they were not yet teens.
    (in Toronto)

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