Sending off my Wife

Sounds harsh, but she asked for it. So I sent her off.
We sent off a few friends and pilgrims this morning, and my wife (thats Debbie on the left) was one of them. So was my daughter Abigail. They are on the ferry right now and are on their way down to London and then Paris. They will pick up Elizabeth who is still walking the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail in Spain. But they will have time to connect with our family and friends and fellow-heretics in Cambridge and Chichester and London.
Erikka from Sweden (on the right) will start the pilgrimage from France and will walk about 5 weeks. . Shannon (in the middle) goes back to London where she is now based. Shannon, btw, was one of the emerging church pioneers in Texas – she started a coffee shop kinda church in 1998 and later kicked off the Emerging Church Network. We only had a short time together in Orkney but it was worthwhile.
Anyway, Debbie and Abigail are gone for 8 days and I am running the household, the tall skinny captain of my tight ship that will be kept clean and orderly. And I will avoid the temptation to stay online too much since my wife will not be acting as the balancing mechanism in my blogging world. Well, at least i will try.


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  • okay, so i don’t know Erikka, but I know that those other women in this photo are some of my favorite women on the planet!! It both warms my heart to see you all together, and it makes me sad and wistful at the same time that i’m not there with you guys!! I’m so glad Whitney got to go to Scotland. I hope all of your boys are surviving without you!

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