Fire From The North

Back from the conference in Shetland Islands late last night. It was a great time. There were over 300 people from all over Europe, and I would guess all of them were there because they felt God wanted them there and flying to Shetland Islands [which is not very convenient] was an act of obedience. There was a lot of conversation about unity, Jesus plea for his people to be ONE (5x in John 17) and the much needed reconciliation and generosity in prayer that would open the way for God to do something in the North.

Some highlights:


This is Andy Raine (Northumbria Community, Holy Island) leading some prayers from St Ninian at the chapel on St Ninian’s Isle. There was a strong Celtic flavor at the conference, and a pilgrimage to this island was a worthy addition. I had some great talks with Andy about the formation of his community at Lindisfarne and some of their daily rituals of prayer.


A dance at the conference. This is my favourite photo, but there are many more. – See all the Photos of Fire from The North


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • edward pillar says:

    Great to see that you had a great time! Good to see that Andy Raine was there – good man! Who knows what God is doing or bringing together? I’m not sure I understand this geographic prophetic stuff – it’s not really up my conservative street, but Andy seems to be plugged into it. I’ll be seeing him next week i hope and will catch up on it.
    and blessings to the north!!

  • rebekah says:

    Hey andrew! Nice pictures…
    I am about to get erikka back in my house for two nights (yay!) and meet your wife and the crew coming down in the car. Which is exciting! And then I saw Andy Raine’s picture which is very cool because I knew Andy when I was 8 and we had a disagreement about the details of CS Lewis’ “The Last battle” in the car while playing ‘the Narnia game’ (we made it up).
    I would love to come and visit your family in Orkney sometime, you have met a lot of my friends.
    Love from Edinburgh!

  • Lorna says:

    thanks for this (and the other( insight. I like what you wrote as being their as an act of obedience and praise God that there was a good mixture of talks and prayer.
    God open the floodgates of heaven over northenn Europe. Help us to step out in obedience as You call. Amen

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