Absolution, by Muse

“and it’s time we saw a miracle

come on, it’s time for something biblical

to pull us through . . . ”

“ . . proclaim eternal victory

come on and change the cause of history

and pull us through

and pull us through

and this is the end

this is the end

of the world”

(Muse, Apocalyspe Please, from Absolution)

MuseI need to say it. Muse is a great British rock band. My son has been playing their music (Absolution) and they have really grown on me. In fact I am almost converted. I think the two of us will need to track them down and see them live sometime.

Lyrics to Absolution. Review. Wikipedia. More on the band.


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  • Muse is an incredible live band. If you ever get the chance, don’t pass it up. i love the song Hysteria. I think they usually open their set with that one.

  • I also love the muse. I wish you could get “origin of symmetry” in the US as its my favorite, but alas I have never been able to find it here (outside of a $50 import).

  • You MUST see Muse live. As great as the record is, their live show is a huge kick in the teeth. I saw them at The Cure’s Curiosa festival two summers ago, and amidst the mopey, dreary melancholic band (which I loved) they stood out in a significant way. By all means, follow the Muse!

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