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I was in Hollywood a few days ago and noticed billboards everywhere with Orlando Bloom’s face and the words “The Kingdom of Heaven” written boldly. I guess the movie is hitting the screens tomorrow. I was thinking . .. and I might be wrong on this . .. but . . maybe this is a relevant topic for Jesus followers to discuss?

Reel Spirituality has a free PDF leaders guide to help the conversation along. Barry Taylor, who was with us last week, is the Co-Director of this group

I hesitate to say “Orlando Bloom” because the last time I mentioned him, I had lots of “I love him!!!” comments from his fans on my site – he must be popular. Cant wait to see the film.

Email from Justin Bell:

“Hello Friends of Reel Spirituality,

We’ve just posted another free group discussion leader’s guide on our

website, It is for the film KINGDOM OF HEAVEN,

which opens in theaters worldwide this Friday (May 6, 2005).

Starring Orlando Bloom and Liam Neeson and directed by Ridley Scott

(Gladiator), this epic adventure follows the life of a young French

blacksmith, Balian (Orlando Bloom), as he finds himself thrust into the

wartime realities of the Christian crusades. Rising to knighthood and

vowing to protect the innocent, Balian journeys to discover what is good,

honorable, and of God in a world that is filled with hate and destruction.

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is great fodder for theological conversation. How does

one discern God’s will? What is the relationship between faith and works?

What is the role of bravery in the Christian life? Questions like these may

emerge as you watch the film with friends, family or your small group. Why

not take advantage of the spiritual opportunity and lead your group through

a meaningful post-screening dialogue? Our hope is that this leader’s guide

will serve you as you frame a conversation that is both dynamic and


Feel free to download and print the leader’s guide. If you miss the film’s

theatrical release, the guide will remain on our website for you to use with

a DVD or VHS.

Special thanks to 20th Century Fox, Grace Hill Media, Sarah E. Oesch, Kara

Stewart, Lauralee Farrer, and Erin Dunkerly for making this guide possible!

Enjoy the film and leader’s guide!

Justin Bell

Assistant Director-Reel Spirituality


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  • traui says:

    Yeah, the movie was out yesterday. I was standing at the Lisbon castle wanting to visit it, but i couldnt get access because that movie and all those vips 🙂
    So didnt see either the movie nor the castle but its out now.

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