300,000 hits – YES!!

UPDATE: Yes – we did it!!!


The person who did a msn search for tall skinny kiwi at 9:35pm (London time) is my 300,000th hitter on this new site. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! I haven’t thought of a prize, but let me know if thats you and i will think of something.

ORIGINAL POST: Today, someone will be the 300.000th hitter on this blog since I created it 18 months ago, to replace my old blog. Time for a moment of silence, and reflection, and thanksgiving.


If you remember, I gave an award to the 100.000th hitter inside our newly created Boaz Lounge. The 200,000th passed by without me knowing – i really don’t check the stats very often, likening it to the vanity of staring in the mirror. But i did check yesterday and saw the BIG 300k . . . and had to say something.

This particular blog, started 18 months ago and replaced my tallskinnykiwi.blogspot.com blog, which was actually more famous than this present incarnation under typepad.com. Thanks to everyone who switched over and followed me here.

And thanks to those of you who get my RSS feed into your aggregators and never come here to the site – you don’t register as “hitters” or “page viewers” but I appreciate you anyway.

In case you were wondering, I am getting between 1000 and 2000 hits a day on this site, which is surprising because it looks tired and badly needs a facelift. My other blogs are not as popular, but I hope to put more effort into them very soon. Anyway . . thanks!


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Mark says:

    Maybe I’m missing it but where can I find a list of the links to your other sites?
    I said this on another comment today but it is worth repeating in light of this TSK milestone we are fast approaching…
    If I had to choose just one blog I could visit each day (oh god please don’t make me do that) it would be TSK. Seriously, there are days when yours IS the only one I do have time to read but I seldom go a day without stopping by at least once. I’m sure many other can say the same.
    Here’s to many more conversations to come!

  • andrew jones says:

    hi mark
    occasionally i mention one of the other blogs . . but there are some that i dont want any immediate links to.
    Why? because, although i love my blog readers and see them as the most tasteful and discriminate blog readers in the world, there are a few Fundys who come on to leave nasty FundySpam, stir up dissention, and bring up the fact that out of 2,543 words posted in my previous 32 blog posts, only 3 of them mentioned “the wondrous blood of Jesus” . . . and perhaps i am a heretic because FundyBloggers would have mentioned the blood of Jesus at least 6.2 times.
    And although I put up with it on this site, my other blogs, and some blogs that i hope to start shortly, are aimed at an inteligent conversation with pagans, new age people, witches, satanists, Goths, artists, VJ’s, all of whom may disagree with me in points of theology and spirituality, but at least are able to hold a similar ethical stance on the internet.
    In other words, my Fundy commentators and readers are generally the worst behaved people on the internet – interupting discussions, trying to steal readership, and other internet sins that my pagan friends would not stoop to. So, I dont want an immediate crossover between this blog and my others because I dont want to FundyFear to intimidate my conversation and i dont want to live like a haemophiliac in a razor factory.
    (no offence intended to haemophiliacs)
    However, you may be interested in a kingdom space which after 3 years might have died a few times and maybe should be buried and EmergAnt, a blog in progress.
    thanks for asking.
    ask me again in a months time and i will tell you about my Orkney poetry blog.

  • michael lee says:

    ok, now I want a t-shirt that says “FundyBlogger”. Not because I am, but just because it sounds very funny.
    And congrats on the 300k. Keep doing interesting things, and keep writing about them in thought-provoking ways, and I’ll keep coming back everytime my rss ticks.

  • Adam says:

    Andrew…I think you’ll get a kick at my newest post…enjoy.

  • Mark says:

    Congrats Andrew!
    Maybe you can ship them a kiwi with the phrase “300K & counting! Thanks. TSK”
    Just and idea.

  • TallSkinnyKiwi: 300,000 hits – YES!!

    Link: TallSkinnyKiwi: 300,000 hits – YES!!. Congratulations to TSK for hitting the 300K milestone!

  • Danny says:

    Hey, d’you know that your blog is worth $ 33,891.69 in fantasy blogging league? Weird, huh?
    Here’s the link:
    Congrats from Germany

  • Rodney Olsen says:

    Congratulations on reaching 300 000.
    I’m one of those regular readers who never stops by the comments section but I thought this milestone was worth a word or two.
    Oh well, better head back to my own blog. I’m approaching 300 000 hits. Only 277 867 more to go.

  • djchuang says:

    congratulations! as jen says, content is what matters, not the design so much..
    oops, i double-clicked on a link, and probably registered 2 hits / 2 page views / 2 visits on your stats. I’m trying to figure out how to filter out all the referrer spam I’m getting, which is driving my stats out of whack.

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