Which bloggers from witchcraft?

Someone wants to know. Which bloggers out there have a past background in witchcraft and are now walking a different path?


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • I used to learn spells and techniques by which I could control and manipulate my environment and other people supernaturally.
    It’s been several years now since I left the charismatic movement, in fact!

  • Matt Stone says:

    My pre-Christian background wasn’t in witchcraft per se but was sufficiently occultic that it may be of interest.
    I experimented with seances and spells as a teenager in the heavy metal scene, shifted to more of an eco-pantheist spirituality as I entered uni (some Gaia theology mixed in there with environmental activism) and got heavily into zen meditation before Jesus sought me out. Some of my friends at the time were more into magic but I was more of a mystic.
    Since becoming a Christian Ive been engaged in mission to Mind Body Spirit Festivals in Syndey for many years and have cultivated quite a few connections to the Wiccan community in Oz with the intention of breaking down the walls of fear on both sides. Seems to me that Wiccans are “spiritual lepers” to many within the church today. We have a discussion group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thinplaces/ for like minded Christians. I welcome discussion of new religious movements and what they have to say to the emerging church at my blog http://circleofdionysius.blogspot.com/

  • Jean-Luc says:

    While not a blogger myself I was previously the High Priest of a Neo-Pagan Coven in Western Australia and am now a Christian – so my Homepage bornagainpagan.multiservers(dot)com and some of the links may be of interest/assistance.

  • Aimz says:

    Me! I was heavily into the new age scene, performed spells, did tarot card readings, was clairvoyant, meditations, seances etc, if anyone wants to read my testimony, feel free to email me. I became a Christan 10 years ago and wouldn’t go back to before.

  • Steve says:

    http://james.anthropiccollective.org – James has a long history with Wicca. Best ask him about it for more info.

  • Andrew says:

    thanks everyone – i will pass this info on.

  • Rich says:

    Also, though they are not necessarily bloggers, please do not forget: http://www.exwitch.org/forum

  • exwitchoz says:

    There’s also http://exwitchaustralia.blogspot.com/ …It’s very new and is an extension of exWitch Australia…
    Hope this helps…

  • Jean-Luc says:

    Some more blogs of Christians who have come out of the occult…
    Hope this helps/is of interest…

  • Jean-Luc says:

    Here’s the blog of an exWitch from New Zealand… http://wizeoneswordsofwaffle.blogspot.com/

  • elena says:

    To be honest the various Ex-witch gangs have blown it. Why? Well they are all now apparently at each others throats and calling each other silly names like ‘false prophets’ etc.
    I found this link on it.
    This is not serving the Lord it is MOCKING Him!

  • amdntstr says:

    I agree that by bashing each other is not what God tells us to do. We are to “love our enemy” and to “love our brothers and sisters in Christ”.
    We will all have to make an accounting on how many people where not led to Christ by these actions.
    A ministry that is based on nothing more than a hatred of other ministries or is overly concerned about whether or not it is listed before the other ministry is not of God, but I will not be the one to stand in the way because if they only lead ONE person to Christ, then they have done some good after all.
    WE ARE NOT IN A RACE WAR about how many people visit our site, we should be more concerned about whether we are pleasing God with our actions. Otherwise our effort will burn in the fire and won’t be able to stand. A foundation that is not solid in Christ will fall apart when the storms come.

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