Pasadena – hanging with bloggers

Hey – I am in Pasadena at this gathering-conference-thing and there are blogger friends all around me. . . .Let me pass the computer around . . . here they are . . .

– Hey, this is Jason Evans

– One of the great honors of my life is to have posted on tallskinny – Doug Pagitt

– hello from karen outta seattle.

– ahhah, this Ian Mobsby, great honour also…..from London

– hi, ben from manchester…enjoying the belgium beer in pasadena

– tallskinny missed the shortkiwi who was in the urinal … enough said, lets move on …

– wow… Hi, it’s Malcolm Hawker and I am hoping when I grow up I will be a super blogger like these guys

– yo…contrary to popular opinion, California is a COLD place. Si


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