chillin with free fall

hangin at heathrow. again. waiting for my flight to l.a. i travelled down on a plane with free fall, a boy band who have a top ten single at the mo. nice guys. we almost missed the plane out of orkney together. my daughter saw them peform yesterday in orkney . . . but i got to chill out with the band.

right . . . a plane to catch . . .and a book to read on my flight . . . "the fourth crusade and the sack of constantinople" by johnathon phillips – great read!                                        


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  • A, I didn’t know you were into the crusades! A few months ago I read The Perfect Heresy: the revolutionary life and death of the medieval cathars. (Stephen O’Shea) also a good read. This was the early 1200s in southern France…crusades against the French…the beginning of the inquisition. Were it not for thes cathar wars, there would be a seperate country where southern France is today, speaking a seperate language. Interesting to me since my ancestors came from down there. It is interesting to look at the organic stucture of this movement and consider how it thrived and survived as long as it did under such pressure. Gotta run.

  • Andrew,
    what is your itinerary in LA. I am from LA. My mum lives in Pasadena where harambee is at. I was raise in Pasadena. What days are youin town. I’ll buy you a coffee.

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