Teaching in Oslo, Norway


Last week was my first time in Oslo. I stayed with Morten Holmvist, Manga enthusiast, theology teacher and pastor of Subchurch – 200 young goth/punk/metal/black-wearing Jesus followers. Great people.

(Some of the pictures below are from their website.)


I “preached” there on Sunday night – storytelling from the gospel of Luke. Morten said that his people were coming back the next week, so it couldn’t have been that bad. What did i wear? My white tuxedo shirt, minus buttons. I like to be the alternative one.


Subchurch meets in a club in the dodgy part of Oslo. It was a gay club before they had it, so its decorated nicely. They have a coffee shop, which i adopted as my office away from home, and lots of rooms, including the small concert venue they use for church.


I knew the music would be loud when i noticed there were more loud speakers than people. Well. almost. I stood next to a tower of speakers that was twice my height. There are a number of hard core bands from this church, including Extol. (See review of their CD on vampire-magazine.com)


I taught on Emerging Church at a few places, including MF – the main theological faculty where most of Norwegian ministers are ordained, and a few churches. I also spoke at a gathering for youth leaders from around Norway, organized by my friend and DAWN colleague Ovind.



I flew back to Aberdeen on a tiny plane.


And back home on the ferry from Aberdeen to Orkney – saves a lot of money when you do that. It also gives me some time to wind down and arrive fresh to my wife and family.

Actually, Debbie came over to Aberdeen to meet me and we spent the day there.


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Simon (DK) says:

    Are making plans for a journey to Denmark?

  • jeff j. says:

    So…are you saying all gay people have good decorating taste? I have a gay friend who has no taste when it comes to decorating. I think you should be careful when making generalizations about people. Especially…say…women? 😉

  • Excerpt of the day

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  • Loren Bishop says:

    I see that your report is due today, sorry I didn’t see this sooner! I am new to blogging, but I am addressing a subject that has a lot to do with the emerging church. It pertains to the church of the last days. I think it’s an interesting match-up. Hope this helps.

  • Andrew says:

    Good point, Jeff. My father was gay and had no fashion sense either. But that is how the Norwegians explained to me the 1920’s wall paper and other interesting decor.
    And NEITHER let us stereotype evangelicals as being infatuated with khaki pants, forest green polo shirts, beige church walls, red church carpets and white cars. . . . like I have been guilty of before . . . . .God forgive me!

  • thomasR says:

    hey andrew!
    i met you at the gathering for youth leaders from around Norway with øivind. your teaching there was excellent and you described the world as we know it, but we can’t describe it as precise as you. good work! thanks a lot and i hope to see you again sometime!

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