Emerging Church document (updated)

UPDATE: Finished it – YEEEAAAAAHHHHH and sent it off. Cant share it with you yet since it is TOP SECRET and for the eyes of REALLY IMPORTANT PEOPLE . . .

unlike you . . .

but i do hope to share it eventually.


ORIGINAL POST: Busy busy today, getting out my document on the emerging church. The .pdf file will be presented to some organizations in USA at the end of the month and the deadline is . . . TOMORROW.

Pray for me. And if you have any strong suggestions as to the best definitions, examples, opportunities, movements, criticisms, needs of the global emerging church, then please send me the link. Especially if it is a significant .PDF file on emerging church that could be included or referenced.


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  • do you have a link to a copy of the “emerging church document” you are presenting?

  • I think that it would be helpful to include some reference links to ezines and blogs as well as a bibliography.
    “At some point, you just have to get into the pool.” I did and the water is fine (I’m 48 and my wife is 51).
    btw, just finished McLarens, “More Ready Than You Realize”. – whoa, that’s refreshing.

  • hi. andrew here.
    Damien, eventually, the whole document will be on the web and i will make a big deal about releasing it.
    and Jay – yes – it will have new media resources as well as old. In fact, i might give preference to those resources that can be download free and now, over the things that must be bought and waited for.

  • Just want to add to the above: I do have a lot of my own ideas, which I’m sure would blow many people away and put many on to the straight and narrow, but unfortunately, are largely untested, so wisdom dictates that I wait until such time as I actually get out and begin doing it before spilling my beans. I pray I get that chance.
    Meanwhile, I’m looking foreward to reading yours.

  • Way to go, Andrew! I’m glad that you finally got this done. We’ll all be the better for it. You got one thing wrong though – I’m one of the important people. No, really, I am. Ask anyone. So, if you want to send me a copy early, I just might take the time in my busy schedule to glance over it. No kidding though, I look forward to the day when we can all benefit from your superior wisdom and experience! Keep it up!

  • I have now added a link to your web page on mine.
    Thanks for being a pioneer in the emergent church.
    In the love of the Lamb (En el amor del Cordero),
    Fr. Tom +

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