Choraoke Material

We have been rocking out to my latest finds in UK’s fabulous thrift stores. Added recently to my collection of the world’s cheesiest religious records, is “I’ve Discovered The Way”. I bought the record a few days ago simply because of the cool cover. But having played the record this morning, and tuning in to its Doris Day vibe, I think i really need to convert this to a digital track and include the title song in my list of favourite Choraoke songs.


Choraeoke? I just made that up – its like Karaoke and its like chorus singing, but there is video and the words whizzing across the screen just when you need them – and everyone can sing along, instead of one bad singer on the stage. I need to dig up some good early 60’s video to go with it.

Other favourites on the vinyl?

– Godspell (totally rocks)

– George Beverly Shea (acquired taste)

– early Keith Green.

– Shirley Bassey rocks. She is the Queen of my Hitachi record player. I have 3 of her records, including quite a number of James Bond tracks. Not much religious value, but there is something very RIGHT and very 60’s about Queen Shirley on vinyl.

HifiBTW – I am about to create some Movie-oke scripts for my kids and some conferences in the future. I will be picking a few significant movie scenes and adding the script onto the video. Costumes, of course, will be included.

Have a great Sunday, everyone, and may you DISCOVER THE WAY!


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