“New” PowerBooks and more.

Apple “unveiled” their new Powerbooks today. They look just like the old ones, only a little faster. I think the word “unveiled” is a little optimistic. What happened to G5 Powerbook? Are they coming around the corner? If they are, then Apple are trying to flog off their stock. Story at MacMegasite. Assuming this is the rollout for the new powerbooks, I would be tempted to go for a 12″ low spec powerbook for travel, and a the high end Mac Mini (1.4 MHZ, Superdrive, 80 MEG) for the home. Or get the ibook 12″ without the frills and save even more. And then spend the savings on a decent display for the Mac Mini.

– I think a new iBook will be released soon and would buy the powerbook only if i had to.

– Best camera for $300? Canon Powershot 520 – comes out in March.

Accessories for MacMini are here already – but why spend all the money you saved in buying a Mac Mini?


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  • Liam Byrnes says:

    Hey Andrew…Just recieved my Canon SD300 which is sweet and I picked it up for $347 which I know is like another $50 dollars but I think the IXUS range outperform the A range, not sure of their specific design differences whichplace them in the different A/ SD catergorys but I am definatly enjoying the SD 300 Experience.
    Another thought does anybody but Apple create systems which run on OS X?? Because if not Im not sure whose the bigger corporate monopolizer (even if thats not a word) Apple or Microsoft.
    Hope your well
    4 HisGlory

  • Andrew says:

    liam – glad to hear of your joy
    apple, in my opinion, is not any more open source than microsoft – and certainly in the area of systems, has been much tighter and stingier.
    On top of that, Apple is suing ThinkSecret for disclosing information which i feel is a little mean.
    Maybe Apple needs to THINK DIFFERENT?

  • john bradley says:

    i bought a g4 powerbook last week that was refreshed. it had a 1.5 and 768ram.
    This particular powerbook was a refreshed version so they sold it to me for $2000 instead of $2500. Doug was respobsible for finding this unbelievable deal. Than I find out yesterday they dropped the prices and was feeling like I got took. After about a half hour of explaining the situation they are sending me a check for $400. To make a long story short, I ended up paying $1600 for basically a brand new powerbook. I still can’t believe it!

  • I have a 15″ 667 Powerbook i bought in 2002- still going strong. I’m hoping it lasts until the G5 powerbooks hit, if ever?? I hear your point on the iBooks but i’m wondering if you might have issues running Arkaos on a smaller mac? My 667 struggles at times when Arkaos is working hard on stage, but i wouldn’t mind the extra portability of the iBook. I do all my major crunching at home on my G4 eMac, which i’m totally in love with.

  • Aren’t there heat problems with the G5 that prevent it from being laptop friendly? So unless they fix that (multiple fans = no battery life) there won’t be a G5 powerbook for a while. Maybe a powerbook and waffle iron combo?
    C-Net ran an article on laptop heat and its side-effects on men here:

  • + simonas says:

    1.4 MHZ? that does not sound much at all. i think you meant 1.4 GHz, didn’t you? 🙂

  • robby777 says:

    I am for a waffle iron too! But why spend so much money on that, when you can get one with non sticking surface? Well, I am happy with ma Powerbook 15″ Series 2004 – and a new IPod shuffle!!! Yeah – 200 Songs randomly played… what a thrill!!!

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