Bennett on Mohler on McLaren

I haven’t had the time to chase the controversy on the book “Generous Orthodoxy” or even pay attention to Rick Bennett’s blog post on Mohler’s review. I won’t comment until i read the book, but it seems to me that everyone is pushing each other out to extremes in order to prove themselves right, or their theologies right, or their products. Lots of hot air and body-slamming (Body-ofChrist Slamming?) and not a lot of kingly wisdom from anyone. Yet. It all makes me cringe and hope to God that my friends who do not yet know Jesus do not stumble upon all these pathetic Pharisaical arguments.

How do you spell Pharisaical? Anyway – those interested in the discussion re: McLaren and his theology should read the conversation on


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  • Good discussion on the vanguardchurch site. People are threatened by an open theology for the same reasons many are threatened by any open system, they are hard for humans to control. God will hopefully define our theology and if we happen to go off the deep end, he will reel us back in. Apostles were in the business of checking the theology of the early church, I wonder how we decipher who has this gifting in our times?

  • I agree that the mudslinging does us no good, but that the ideas steaming from the “brew” are going to deepen Christianity in the coming years. I look forward to unity . . . until then, charity.

  • Hey – be nice to Big Al! At least he is reading our books – he read The Postevangelical recently.
    Yes, he has a “Weblog” but, like many other Christian leaders, it is a place to publish articles and does not function like a blog – ie, no place to comment, no hyptertext links, etc.
    But at least the guy is writing stuff and making it freely available to anyone – thats a good sign.

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