Yahweh Karaoke for Germany

I got up at 3am this morning to put a song together and it is pretty much done. Here’s what I did.

I mixed U2’s “Yahweh” (Track 11, How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb) with a video loop which i found on Jonny Baker’s worship trick 100. The 26MB video is parked here, but the server was down today. Luckily, I have a copy of this excellent piece of German video that runs as a continuous loop for over 4 minutes.

Jonny put different music to it, but I found that U2’s “Yahweh” fits really well, and has quite a few connections with the images. Besides that, I want to use it in Germany, and all the video is taken in Germany by a German company.

I used Quicktime to replace the audio with U2, and I can add the Karaoke lyrics in Arkaos 3.0.2

But wait . . you say . . Arkaos does not come with Karaoke scripts!!

Good point. But I know something you don’t know . . ha ha . Yesterday I emailed Matthieu, the Arkaos developer in Belgium. He got back to me within hours with a number of flash texts including a Karaoke script. I have uploaded the zip file here for those who want it.

flashfiles.zip(This is a 50k zipped file of about 15 Arkaos flash scripts.)

It didn’t work straight away, so i took the Karaoke file (generic.fla) and brought it back into Flash, and then exported it as Flash 5 rather than 6. Then it worked with my version of Arkaos.

Problem: – the song is shorter than the video.

Solution: One is running the video at 105% speed and using a different audio source – either a key on the computer (too processor intensive) or a separate audio source. My new computer will handle this, but the iBook will not.

Another solution: Make a few short loops and add them to the music. Hate to mash a really good song, but I might have to. I could also add a few lines of “Beautiful Day”. Hope Bono wont mind. I think he would be happy we were doing this in Germany.

As you know, U2 went to Berlin for some inspiration and after a difficult time there, produced some great music with a German story.


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