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Designhands20050111-1Its true. I bought a Mac Mini. Very rarely do i part with money for Big New Technology, or in this case, Tiny Technology, but i went ahead and ordered it on the second day of its release.
We were given some money for a new computer a few months ago, when my iBook died – and after 3 failed attempts to buy used powerbooks and a new iBook, we decided to wait for MacWorld and see what came out. The Mac Mini is great – small and powerful. No, its not a portable. But it will do the job.It will replace the mighty iMac G3 400 MHZ that has been the hub of our digital life since March 2000. That classic iMac, which we still love, was a gift from the BGCT and it totally changed our lives.

We never moved into G4, apart from borrowing one for a few months last year. So this is a big move for us.

What did i get?

Mac Mini 1.4 MHZ, 80 Gig, Superdrive, with bluetooth and wifi installed (difficult to self-install, i heard). Cheap price. This also means i can finally burn my own DVD’s and hand out some big video files. And i will use it to trigger video loops when i VJ events. Dont need a monitor for that.
Ohhhh yeah – for home use,  i have to get a monitor worthy of the computer and am looking around for a used 17" studio display.

As for new releases, word is that the G5 ibook and the new G5 Powerbooks will be shipping in the second quarter of this year. Someone suggested today that next week there may be an announcement on the new powerbooks.

So, thanks to those of you for your advice, and those of you that sent me some money to do this


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  • I hope they leave the iBook at G4. That would give some separation between the two product lines, and the G4 still has legs…

  • yah, i’m wondering about the g5 powerbook.
    my g4 powerbook already gets REALLY hot sometimes, so unless they change the casing, or something, they’re gonna have some pretty dang hot laptops!

  • will be watching to see how you go with it – we were toying with the idea of an iMac but when the mini came out have started wondering if it might be a better way to go. Keep us up to date.

  • i have a sony trinitron 17″ flat crt monitor that you are welcome to. sadly it is in sheffield, but if you welcome to it if you are ever passing through. no, it is not a studio display, but it is a fantastic monitor. let me know if anyone is passing and could take it up for you.

  • The Mac Mini is indeed tempting and I’m wondering what shortcuts have been taken, performance-wise?
    I guess this is Apple’s take on the proliferation of small-box PCs now available.

  • Neill
    Thanks for the offer. I decided to wait on a TFT since they are still really expensive. I found a used 21″ CRT at a second hand furniture store – Its a Sony made systems monitor with a SGI label – heavy duty professional display. Had to pay 130 pounds for it, but there is no shipping fee, and it is fine.
    But thanks much.
    My next display will probaly be a 7″ LCD for monitoring video loops with my Mac Mini.
    Everyone else – I think the Mac Mini will be a major cultural icon in the way of VW bugs. I am really glad i ordered mine.

  • Hey Andrew,
    I just moved into the apple world, by the iBook G4 route!
    Its not quite here yet but im very excited. Any good resources you know of for new mac users like myself.
    The next time your coming through my way you can be at home on my iBook running on the new Wifi we set up in our house, insetad of my PC that you had to fumble with last time!
    Hope your doing well!
    Bless ya

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