100+ MPH winds

They are coming in tonight. 100+ mph winds from Iceland. Arctic storm . . yeahhh baby . . bring it on!!!!!!

We expect to lose power and our telephone line tomorrow. Consider me out of touch for 2 days. Forget about coming here tomorrow.

The crazy winds and weather here in Orkney were part of the attraction for the Celtic monks who lived here through the centuries. Their spirituality demanded extremity of weather in order to prove the power of God. They would stand in the cold water, dance around in the storms and pray into the wind. Maybe i will do that tonight. Not naked, though. And not wearing horsehair.

Many of the Celtic prayers were prayersof protection, or “breastplates” against drowning or shelter from the storm. The Celts worshipped God outdoors in the elements, not indoors in a church building. The small monastic chapels that are still here were created to house the elements of communion, but the worship happened outdoors. In the rain. In the wild, wooly wind!!!!!

Last year a wind picked up our friend Fiona Cowan and blew her into the neighbors yard. Thats strong! So be thinking of us tonight.

The worst thing about losing the phone line and internet?

Not being able to track MacWorld conference in SanFrancisco.


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  • chris says:

    Have you read “Godric” by Frederich Buechner? There’s a great part where Godric and his friend are caught in a wind/rain storm in the far north of England. You’re description of Orkney reminded me of it. Check it out, great book, about a 12th c. very salty saint.

  • + simonas says:

    yeah, buckle your seatbelt dorothy, ’cause kansas is going bye-bye…
    we had quite the wind here. actually, contrary to the monks, i was a little scared. we moved out bed mattress to the living room because we thought the wind would blow the window in on us. even when we moved it, we could not sleep. so we put on a divx movie and watched till about 3 AM. i still could not fall asleep for about half an hour after that. got up at 7:15 AM to get ready for the sunday service and preached. it went quite well considering… 🙂
    the germans predicted another storm some time around now, but nothing even seems to hint to that. what do they know? 🙂 calm and warm here in lithuania… no place for the celts, i guess :-(.

  • maryellen says:

    do you have any references for the celtic worship that you have described in your post, web link, book etc.
    thanks maryellen
    I’m researching the christian involement in the earth and it’s elements. Very interested in the Lunar Calendar, celtic calendar, but also festivals,traditions that were more in touch with the creation ,earth,wind,the elements..thanks maryellen

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