Rivertribe in the house

Tipi Studio 1The Aussie band Rivertribe is rocking up to our house tonight and will stay until Saturday. A few of them are starting to blog now (I talked to them about blogging a few weeks ago in Portugal). Jono is already here, and we are waiting for Mike and 5 of his kids. Yes, another traveling missions family!. And their kids are the same age as ours.


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  • Hi, Tell all the Rivertribers “Hi” from Marty, Carey and the kids. We had a great time with them here in Portugal. Simon, the surfs flat for the week! Your not missing anything.

  • Tell the Rivertibe gang “Salut!” from Montreal. BTW, are they still planning to come here in December? We would love to connect with them. They could help us with a big fund raiser for widows in Zambia.

  • g’day mate! ‘jono’ here from rivertribe. we’d love to be coming back to montreal, but unfortunately we’re now booked till the end of the year. we’ll be touring in the US with ‘the newsboys’, and ‘rebecca st james’ in november, then a shopping mall tour to promote our christmas album in december. thanks for the “salut!”
    “au revoir” dave.

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