Quantum Servanthood

“Whether we like it or not we have moved from “Ozzie to Ozzy;” we have moved from the Nelsons to the Osbournes; from Harriet to Sharon, from Ricky to Kelly.  We have moved from the modern to the postmodern/emerging; from the linier/absolute to the non-linier/subjective; from science/evidence to spirit/feelings; from intellect/truth to experience/real; from order/dictated to chaos/reality” John O’Keefe
Being a servant in the 21C . . .
Visual:  “Come and you will see” are the words Jesus shares.
Attractors:  Andrew went and got his brother Simon Peter to bring to Jesus.
Connective:  Jesus knew the lives of his disciples.
Chaotic:  They do not know the absolute results, but they go anyway.
A Catalyst:  A catalyst transforms things, without being changed in the process.
Be a Multiplier:  Addition is not the way, and subtraction is unacceptable.
A Guide:  They walk along side, and not push from behind
A Story Teller:  They know the story, and they know the community
A Solver:  conflict breeds conflict.  “
John O’Keefe, “Quantum Servanthood: knowing how to lead in chaos” at the newly updated (and way cool looking) Ginkworld.
Great to see another Geek rethinking ministry with a new media mind. Good one John!


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • Surely we are meant NOT to be catalysts? ie we ARE changed in the process of being ministers, most especially when we go in the posture of servanthood.

  • Phil Lane says:

    “from intellect/truth to experience/real”
    This is interesting because as I look at blogs etc from emerging churches, the impression that I get is of a great emphasis on intellect. Don’t get me wrong – the church thinking is like a breath of fresh air – but how does it fit in with this paradigm shift from intellect to experience?

  • Carla says:

    Really good comment Phil, from my intial foray into this ’emerging church’ debate that was my initial impression… How do you strike a balance between the cerebral and the actual? I really like what you said Andrew about…
    “Connective: Jesus knew the lives of his disciples.” and “Chaotic: They do not know the absolute results, but they go anyway.”
    I feel connection and untidy direction is the family resemblance of the people in my community. Space for difference, flexibility and honesty. But not so introverted that our focus isn’t outward (or at least I hope not). It strikes me that there are many people watching and debating but few engaging, myself included. Thanks for your post, it’s a helpful refocus…

  • john o'keefe says:

    andrew, bro – thanks for the link 🙂 let me see if i can voice more –
    richard, when i speak in terms of being a “catalyst” i am speaking in terms of culture and core – meaning that while we are always changed (and even a catalyst is changed) it is not “altered” to a point of never being – i hope i am explaining it right 🙂 while i interact with people all day, and they add to my being, in my core i am still me – i am still a follower of christ. i would hope that my interaction with them allows them to change, and that christ be the true catalyst.
    phil, i know what you mean. what i have found is that when i speak, when i listen, when i read i am looking for a person who can share with me life experiences – i do not care how long the person has studied, or how smart they are – if they have never experienced the pain of life, then all they can do is tell me what they think. if they have, then they can tell me how they felt. keep in mind, just because a few bloggers like to show off their smarts – many others are sharing experiences.
    carla, thank you. it’s good to hear communities that are seeking to connect, and understand the “untidy” (love that word) lives we live.

  • Jon Harris says:

    I love the term ‘quantum leadership’. Thanks for the article…

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