The Skinny on Greenbelt 1.3

greenbelt should be cool . .
Latest info on Greenbelt and Epicentre Roundtable.
– Mark Pierson will be teaching on worship – I just added the times to the schedule (keep reading)
– Ron Willoughby turned up at my house last night. He will be our official delegate to the Lausanne/Great Commission Roundtable event in Thailand next month. This is something i was a part of 3 years ago in Malaysia, but am not able to make it to Thailand.

Greenbelt Festival is upon us. I will be at the Festival from Friday onwards. Among the 15,000 people coming are a few dozen leaders of emerging church ministries from 15 countries that will gather secretly on Friday afternoon for the Epicentre Roundtable for Global Emerging Church. Shannon Hopkins and Jonny Baker are helping me lead this event. We have had similar roundtables around the world over the past 4 years. This one will be dispersed inside the Greenbelt Festival. If you are participating in the Roundtable, you will be rubbing shoulders with many of the speakers and artists who will be sharing at the Festival. What i have below is the beginning of a 4 day schedule that will be a guide to the right events.

2pm – 5pm Epicentre Roundtable for Global Emerging Church (invitation only)
Leaders from 15 countries meeting F2F for conversation, introductions, strategic planning, and a few good laughs.
12:15am Loud and Proud Worship, Stage 2. Simon Hall and Revive

Saturday Aug 28
9am Revive (Simon Hall) gold cup: Hymn of the Universe.
2pm Mark Pierson @ Sovereign Lounge. “Worship not Bound by Outcomes-Stations, stations of the cross, and other forms of curated worship”4pm Bloggers at Winged Ox.
6pm Bloggers celebate Wiblog 2nd birthday at Wiblog campsite.

Sunday Aug 29
2pm-4pm Global Zoo – informal discussion on emerging church over a pint. venue to be announced.
4:30-5.30pm Forward Slash @ Istabraq Bar. Andrew Jones (me) on ministry in the new media world, a brief history on the emerging church, and hints at a possible strategy for starting A MILLION CHURCHES . . . . no wait . . .. ONE HUNDRED MILLION CHURCHES (pinky raised to mouth) in the emerging culture!
5:45 The Rite Stuff @ Istabraq Bar. Panel by Pete Ward on Ritual, involving Mark Pierson and others.

Monday Aug 30
9-11am Fuzz Kitto (Spirited Consulting, Australia)
9am – Open Space Technology (spontaneous DJ and artist led worship) Simon Hall
5:45 – Mark Pierson @ Tutu. “Freedom from the Tyranny of Worship Leaders – the curator as a model for putting together worship.

I will be sure to fill up this space. You can help by letting me know when you are teaching
Shane Claiborne will be speaking. And i am assuming Mark O (Youth Specialties) is speaking some where also. Anyone have the info?

Here are some more links:
Essential Information
Getting to Greenbelt
and Accomodation options (camping)


Andrew Jones launched his first internet space in 1997 and has been teaching on related issues for the past 20 years. He travels all the time but lives between Wellington, San Francisco and a hobbit home in Prague.


  • will says:

    Will there be power? I am trying to decide whether to bring a laptop and whether I should get a set of international power adapters.

  • andrew says:

    will, there is wifi at one of the coffee shops at greenbelt and i am guessing power will be easy enough to find. power adaptors are always a good idea.

  • Dave says:

    Andrew – thanks for the mention of the bloggers gathering. Good to hear there will be wifi – though having a steam-driven laptop I’ll probably be making use of the internet cafe which is generally queue-free.
    If anyone knows of any other bloggers who’ll be at the fetival I’d be most happy to add links at

  • + Simonas says:

    Andrew, it would be interesting to find out what you guys are talking about when you meet. I am thinking of slowly building up a simmilar network in Lithuania, so ideas would be interesting. What directions do you take?
    E-mailing me could be a good idea lest I forget about this particular post… :-/

  • paul T says:

    man – this happens every year – wish I could go.. darn!

  • This all sounds fun Andrew, but I rather feel like greenbelt is being rubbed in my face. I would love to be there but am still out in Sunny San Diego. I’m having a great time and managed to meet up with Erwin (I said hey from you). The scene out here is so different from England isn’t it! Anyway enjoy greenbelt and the epicentre roundtable (which by the way sounds like something ancient knights would have done; be sure to take your sword!!). Cheers

  • maggi says:

    you could always come to my seminar, if you like. 4.30 on Saturday. If you’re not to busy blogging and the like 🙂

  • Mike says:

    Great seminar Andrew, have already been in discussion with some people from my church about use of new media.
    Might catch you at Suddenly Seminary, what time is it GMT?
    -Mike (The geeky one with the hat)

  • Mike says:

    Forgot one thing: No RSS feed? I saw the XML but that means I have to write another plugin for my stream proggy 😛

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