Resonate: Canada Online

resonate90 I have been waiting for this one . . . , and their blog, went online yesterday.  This will be a significant website for the emerging church in Canada. They told me about it months ago, and its great to see it finally up and online.
Next country to get their stuff together? Emergent Germany (November?)

More about Resonate from Jordon .Cooper .

“Yesterday went online.  It is kind of the rebirth of
the Canadian conversation about living out the Gospel in a postmodern
Canadian culture and we are just getting the word out.”

It is both a national conversation online (for more information, check
out this link :: ) and a series
of regional connections in cities across Canada (again, for more
information, check out this link.

We also have some resources online, an online worship media
collabrative space (you know what to do, click on this link and of course,
a group blog at with voices from
around the world.


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