Happy Birthday Debbie

debbieburgerking Happy birthday to my lovely wife, Debbie. We had a celebration yesterday with others in our community who were having birthdays (Kevin and Phouc-Tan) and today i am taking her out for breakfast and a movie while the kids are at school.


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  • Happy b-day, Debbie! I’m glad we’ve known each other for lo, nearly 10 years now. It’s been a cool cool thing to see you share your life vulnerably with so many others, in so many places, along the Way of Jesus. You’ve encouraged me and others with your mentoring gifts of Priscilla, compassionate heart of Dorcas, and creative artistry of Lydia. Rock on, on the Rock, Debs – and hope you have a wonderful day filled with great memories!

  • Debbie,
    Happy Birthday to you. What a wonderful picture of you. I smiled when I saw it on the web. Mother magnificent! Is there anything you would like from Stateside that I could send you? I’m sending you a massive hug and kiss. Know you are loved by me and by many.

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