Bea’s Baby Shower

beaBea of the Moogaloo blog is having a baby shower. Debbie (my wife) and Shannon (of Emerging Church Network fame) have gone up to Sheffield for the celebration. They plan to spend 2 days up there encouraging some of the young people that are starting new things. TallSkinnyFather gets to watch the kids. Bit of a switch, having Debbie go up there instead of me, but it fits with our goal of ministering more as a family unit. Speaking of which – my 11 year old and 13 year old did a great job last night in helping set up and host Suddenly Seminary. In some ways they are more fluent than i in the new language and spaces of the internet.


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  • i was also glad to see the slightly smaller kiwis involved in the ministry as well. dena and i also strive to minister as a family… though with elena and 2yrs and elise at 4 wks… 😉

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