Off for 2 days

I am taking off with my wife for 2 days. Cindy and Julie Blick, who were kids in my youth group in Australia 12 years ago, are living here and they will watch the darling kids. They feel strongly that Debbie needs a break – having to put up with me and the 5 kids and everyone else.

So we are heading west, possbily for Hay-on-Wye (yes i know the book festival finished last week) because its the only place we can think of going. I have to admit that i am a terrible holiday taker and a reluctant tourist. I hate tourist sites. I would much rather work than go on holiday. I dont even know how to pack for a holiday. Once i went for 10 years without a holiday but had to change my ways when we had kids – kids need a holiday and i think my kids were a gift to me – an excuse to go somewhere and do nothing for a few days.
So, truthfully, we are taking off and don’t really know where to go. We have the tent with us in case we see a camping site. I cant think of any books that i want to bring with me. Dang. I am not good at this.
Struggling to NOT work will be a task for me over the next 2 days. It will probably wear me out. One and a half days, actually. Must go somewhere now. I will not be checking comments or email. Bye.


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  • hej andrew, don`t take any books to Hay-on-Wye :))
    I`ve been there few years ago, magic place – bookshelves gardens, antiquaries with long cellars, and sofas were you can read /not nesessary buying/. have a good analogue expirience!

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