VJ demo in london

Today at the London Virgin Megastore there are 4 VJ’s doing live demos (one of them is female – vj michela) with Arkaos software. So i plan to in with Samuel and hang with them. Arkaos was asking for VJ’s to do this about 2 months ago and i had thought about applying. I checked out the store and set up but it all felt so commercial to me, and i didnt want to be a tall skinny advertisement for Virgin. Although i had thought of playing off the Virgin theme – purity, white, blankness, “your sins will be white as snow”, like a virgin, etc. But honestly, i am probably not as good as the VJ’s that will be playing today.
[This is the part where you chime in on the comments below and say . . .] sure you are, andrew, you’re the BESTEST VJ IN THE WHOLE WORLD!” and i say oh stop it . . . you’re just saying that and you say no really . . no one does it like you, andrew, you’re the best! and i’m like no, impossible! and then u go what the heck is a VJ anyway?


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  • You are the best Andrew that GOD ever made. He gave you so many wonderful abilities and gifts. One of those gifts is being a “devine” VJ. Can it get any better than that?

  • I’d love to be getting in on the chiming, but unfortunately have never seen you VJ 🙂
    I’ll have to work on some people in Australia to get you back here some time…

  • OK i’ll play the game – Sure you are, Andrew – YOU ARE THE BEST VJ in the whole world….
    (Ummmmmmm what is a VJ anyway?)

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