Stitches out

I am taking the stitches out of my hand today. Since the accident last week, it has healed really well – no infection, and i will get a great scar that deserves a better story than a falling mirror. Picture follows (if you’re brave enough to look . . .)



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  • Well, you are in London because of your work/ministry to which Jesus has called you, and the incident happened while you were over there, involved in your work/ministry, so, technically you became injured while involved in your work for Christ and his church.
    In some churches you could get a lot of milage out of that!
    And I see a movie of the week, with Kirk Cameron playing the Kiwi…

  • Good Lord that looks painful. Musta hurt a load. Are you gonna have to do rehab for full thumb movement?

  • Okay, that officially beats the time Jeff drove a screw into his finger with his cordless drill, if anyone’s keeping score or anything.

  • ohhh . . you guys . . . i just LOVE all that sympathy!!!!
    i took the stitches out on saturday – movement is fine, it still hurts abit (today is monday) but my biggest concern is getting it to seal up – i am using butterfly strips right now to hold it together.
    pray for sealing

  • prayers for sealing sent to the Father…
    prayers for sealing – that’s great! : )
    thanks for the laugh – sorry it is because of your most nasty looking injury!

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