Americanized Bible Version

“There is no one who is Purpose Driven™,
no one who asks, ‘What Would Jesus Do?™”
Quote from The Americanized Bible Version.

10356680_F_storeThanks Marc for the link. The Liquid Thinking folks who want you to know that the “20 Days of Purpose Baseball shirts” were just a joke – so don’t order any.


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  • we got several emails requesting the shirts, so I had to make it clear that it was a joke. I guess we should really have sold them…we could have made some money.

  • Thanks for the link to Liquid Thinking. I laughed until I cried at some of the posts – especially the one with the trading cards. Good on ya, Andrew for your sense of humor and ability to laugh at the whole Christian subculture scene -I loved it!

  • But wait. If it’s a cafepress shop, you can really buy the shirts. That’s what they do. Liquidthinking doesn’t have to do anything else…

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